Way towards optimizing the work of your pharmacy.


Decided to bring pharmacy service to an essentially new level and would like to learn more about PharmBot?


Contact the hotline, which works every day! Our sales staff will provide you with detailed specifications and answer all questions about the robot!


Communication with the sales staff involves an exchange of all the necessary information, for you to receive a commercial offer, designed to fit your specific needs.


As soon as all the matters are discussed and details are confirmed – we sign a bilateral contract.


The pharmacy robot PharmBot will be delivered to the designated place within a months after the contract is signed.


As soon as the robot is delivered, the technicians of “Elegant-Group” begin preparations to its installation in the pharmacy.


After the preparation work and installation of PharmBot in store is done, you accept the robot for operation.


PharmBot now deals with the service, and you get an increase in sales and the flow of interested customers.

Pharm BOT buying