PharmBot – proper solution for optimizing financial data in pharmacy business

Modern world of high technology dictates new rules for almost all areas of life, not leaving out pharmaceutical industry. Many countries have been successfully using the so called robot-pharmacists – specialized machinery, able to function as a pharmacist. Unfortunately, pharmacy robots are almost not used on the Ukrainian market – not many people have even heard of such “assistants”. So what is a pharmacy robot?

Robot for pharmacy is a unique mechanism, allowing to significantly optimize the work of any pharmacy point. After receiving order information, the robot collects the needed medicine at the warehouse and brings it to the customer via delivery window, reducing waiting time and, accordingly, the waiting lines at a pharmacy.

The robot's casing is made from a standard metal profile of different cross-section, while delivery boards and carriers are made of aluminum sections, making the total weight of the construction much lighter.

The accuracy of the carriage positioning is provided by the use of linear guides, stepper motors, corresponding electronics and software developed for it.

Robot’s technical specifications:

3070х2700х1900 mm

One tray’s capacity
12-20 packages

Speed of package delivery
7 sec

Number of trays
1100 pcs

Number of stored packages
over 10 000 pcs

Weight in assembly
1425 kg (with furniture covering).

Purchasing such a robot-pharmacist, you’ll get a number of advantages, including:

Reduction of customer servicing time – reduction of lines and time of waiting

Saving space in pharmacy

Optimization of personnel expenditures

Attracting a big flow of customers

Reducing the risk of human error

Simplified receipt of medicine and warehouse record-keeping

The benefits of robot-pharmacist can only be fully appreciated in practice. If you’d like to get additional information about the pharmacy robot, please contact us and find out more about the profit, brought by pharmacy modernization with the help of this mechanical pharmacist.