«Shar@ Pharmacy»

The «Shar@» is the youngest and fast-growing pharmacy brand in Ukraine, which has won hearts of many Ukrainians. More than 15 pharmacies have been already opened all over Ukraine only in the first year of the brand’s existence. The pharmacy chain offers the drugs at affordable prices and aims to provide a high-level service.

The main development strategy is active promotion, popularization of «Shar@ Pharmacy» brand both among our potential partners in the retail and manufacturing sectors of the pharmaceutical market, and among end users. The founders of new pharmacy brand combined high-quality pharmaceutical services, affordable prices, and wide range of products under one roof. The new pharmacy attracts visitors by the fact that here you can buy any drug at a reasonable price, get advice and not stand in line when feeling sick. «PharmBot» pharmaceutical robots are responsible for optimization of operational process. The robotic solutions made it possible to increase speed of service, raise productivity of the pharmacy staff, make the most efficient use of available space and optimize warehouse stocks. This unique method of servicing arouses the great interest among customers, supports special status of the pharmacy and attracts more new customers! The robotic pharmacists are the assistants in a daily work of pharmacists facilitating their work and helping to improve their operational efficiency and status. Sales growth has been increased by 12 % after automation and reorganization of the operational process. After introduction of «PharmBot» pharmaceutical robots over the past two quarters in «Shar@ Pharmacy» the average sales figures have undergone significant changes in comparison with previous results and amounted to 26%. The total turnover of «Shar@ Pharmacy» is on average of 66% higher than the average market turnover (0.74 million).

The unique format of «Shar@ Pharmacy» is a bright and stylish interior, «smiling» design, qualified and courteous professional staff which will provide high quality service and comfort. There is an expanded range of medicines, medical equipment, medical cosmetics and health promotion products on the shelves.

«Shar@ Pharmacy» will allow buyers to overcome the main difficulty that everyone faces, i.e. to buy everything in one place, not far from the house and at the best price. By increasing efficiency of the entire distribution chain and all business processes, the pharmacy chain focuses on creating the most comfortable conditions for their customers. In particular, the provision of a wide range of products at the best prices on the counters of pharmacy chain.