«Shar@ Pharmacy»

The «Shar@» is a young pharmacy brand that has abandoned old approaches to serving visitors. Because of the bright, “smiling” design and respectful pharmacists, it made sure to get a strong position in the pharmaceutical Ukrainian market. Today, «Shar@ Pharmacy» unites 90 pharmacies across the country.

Pharm Bot - pharmacy robots - have optimized the workflow thoroughly. Firstly, it was novelty, but now Pharm Bot is perceived by customers as a trademark of brand pharmacies. Robotic assistants provides rational use of available space, increase pharmacists productivity and make service quick and comfortable for visitors. Pharmacy robots perform various operations, including finding out needed product and placing packages on the shelves. They attend to maintain the special status of the pharmacy.

    The advantages of robotic solutions:
  • fast service - needed product search takes only 7 seconds;
  • stock organization optimization;
  • robot pharmacist is of particular interest to customers;
  • rational use of a limited space;
  • visitors don't need to stand in long lines when they are getting unwell.

«Shar@ Pharmacy» allow buyers to overcome the main difficulty that everyone faces - an ooportunity to buy everything in one place, not far from the house and at the best price. By increasing efficiency of the entire distribution chain and all business processes, the pharmacy chain focuses on creating the most comfortable conditions for their customers. In particular, the provision of a wide range of products at the best prices on the counters of pharmacy chain.