«Kopeika Pharmacy»

«Kopeika Pharmacy» is a young and successful pharmacy brand that was founded in January 2014. Initially, it was setting ambitious goals: creating a spacious bright premise with sales process automation. At the time of creation, the brand had no analogues in Ukraine, but this is not the main secret of its success. «Kopeika Pharmacy» is open to innovation and interacts with customers in a simple and clear system.

«Kopeika Pharmacy» was the first pharmacy brand that began to use the Pharm Bot created by Elegant-Group. Self-development of technical solutions would be costly. Therefore, «Kopeika Pharmacy» stareted to use technologies that were already appeared on the Ukrainian market.

    Secrets of the «Kopeika Pharmacy» success:
  • A unique system of interaction with visitors. Instead of the widely used interaction scheme «clerk - desk - customer», an island-like assistant desk is installed in the pharmacy. Open Space is a way to break a barrier between a salesperson and a client.
  • An absence of long lines. Each pharmacy is equipped with comfortable waiting seats, where customer has an opportunity to order drugs independently by using a tablet
  • Robotization. Staff cannot get distracted from communicating with the client due to be busy by looking for the necessary package. Pharm Bot can provide products to customer!

In 2016, 52 robotized «Kopeika Pharmacy» brand pharmacies were operating in Ukraine, and today there are more than 180! Pharm Bot helps serve customers in large cities and small towns.