«Kopeika Pharmacy»

«Kopeika Pharmacy» is the youngest and rapidly developing pharmaceutical brand in Ukraine. After two years upon the opening of the first pharmacy, the company’s network has expanded to 52 branches in every major Ukrainian region. “Kopeika’s” key to success lies in multiple innovations, accomplished at the stage of brand’s creation, and a unique system of customer interaction.

A team of professionals started to work on «Kopeika Pharmacy» project in January 2014.

    Main tasks were:
  • creation of a distinct and unparalleled brand image for Ukrainian market;
  • bringing medicine sales process to modern level;
  • maximum automatization of sales.

To accomplish each of the above objectives, the company needed advanced technological solutions. Independent development of such technologies would be too expensive and time-consuming. An evident way to tackle the problem was either to outsource the job, or search for ready solutions, available on the Ukrainian market. Soon managers discovered that there is a company in Ukraine that offers complex services in sales automatization. A decision was made to team up with “Elegant-Group” in order to create new pharmacy.

A decision to use Pharm Bot was a milestone of the new pharmacy creation. This decision allowed the team to innovate in a variety of ways, breaking a number of pre-existing limitations. The most important one of them is breaking the pharmacy’s «fourth wall» or «clerk - desk - customer» system. A traditional cash-register has always been a barrier between a salesperson and a client. In «Kopeika Pharmacy» it was replaced with an island-like assistant desk which allows staff to stand side to side with a client. This encourages a trust-based relationship between the two while they communicate to find a solution of a common problem. When the solution is found Pharm Bot delivers the required medicine in mere seconds. Second innovation is absence of the waiting lines. Instead, «Kopeika Pharmacy» has comfortable waiting seats, where customer has an opportunity to order drugs independently by using a tablet. This opportunity leads us to third innovation being full self-catering. A client is able to order, pay and receive the drugs (if they are not prescriptions) completely independently. Such level of automatization allowed for fast and high-quality sales process, which in turn resulted in high sales volumes.

Upon introducing Pharm Bot, the main marketing catchphrase of the pharmacy was born: «Robot will deliver second package to you for only one cent (kopeyka)» (second package’s margin is one cent). This permanent marketing activity has become the major hallmark of the new discounter. As for the results, «Kopeika Pharmacy» was a financial success.

Today, «Kopeika Pharmacy» pharmacy is a distinguished and unique brand, offering high quality services at record-breakingly low prices. According to statistics, at the moment, the pharmacy’s average monthly turnover is 85% higher than the mid-market (UAH 1.28 million). And the number of personnel, necessary for managing such flow of customers, is much less than in similar pharmacies without a robot. Average turnover per personnel unit is 45% higher than the mid-market.