«Blagodiia Pharmacy»

The «Blagodiia» pharmacy is brand, tested by the time on the pharmacy market. It has been 15 years since the first pharmacy was opened on the territory of Ukraine and began its long journey of development and expansion.

Today more than 100 pharmacies opened under this brand, which have a positive competitors experience among Ukrainian pharmacies. Medical products, drugs, nutritional supplements, homeopathic medicine, personal hygiene product, skin care products and goods for children – this is not explicit list of the pharmacy‘s variety. All products are purchased from the best pharmaceutical manufacturer around the world.

The mains secret is contained in a few factors. Besides guaranteed quality of the drugs and medicals products, first of all this is customer service. Pharmaceutists are highly qualified, caring, and always ready to help. More than that they complete trainings on the regular bases, and it helps them to find the best approach to each customer, as well as provide with competent and comprehensive advice on the use of medical products.

The second very important factor is a good pharmacies’ location in crowded and popular places and as well in neighborhoods, which is very convenient for a large number of customers. However it’s a known fact, that it is not always possible to rent a big space for a comfortable work of the pharmacy. That is why more and more pharmacies are robotized with PharmaBots. After all, the first and the most important advantage of robots is significant space efficiency in the pharmacies! Based on the model robot can be laid with up to 12 000 boxes of medical goods simultaneously! Also robots speed up the orders processing, reduce the time of client’s service, eliminate the re-sorting, and shorten the lines. So that not only the clients highly valued the robotic pharmacies! Their advantages are undeniable for the pharmaceutists as well, after all robot saves the priceless time of the order forming, helps to sell more products!

Also robots help to promote the brand in general! They profitably distinguish the pharmacies of Blagodiia brand from the broad number of competitors, so far as today not many pharmacies in Ukraine can impress with such a secret sauce as a real robot-pharmaceutist - «ANC Pharmacy», «Kopeika Pharmacy», «Shar@ Pharmacy».

Even such a brand as «Blagodiia Pharmacy», which has been represented on Ukrainian market for 15 years and known to customers for a long time, ready to growth and engage more innovations! Maybe exactly the readiness for a constant improvement allows «Blagodiia» pharmacies to be a permanent leader and an example for other pharmacies in the country.