«ANC Pharmacy»

«ANC Pharmacy» (Pharmacy of Low Prices) is a large pharmaceutical discounter, which has grown from 20 stores in 2008 to 200 in 2015. As the company was developing rapidly, there often occurred a problem with renting good premises, as it’s very difficult to rent a large premise with high human traffic in Ukraine. More often small spaces are leased in good locations. That is why in the periods of active expansion, the company frequently had to choose between the size of future pharmacy and a number of potential customers, often acting in favor of the latter. Such a decision is reasonable for a discounter, which is highly dependable on customer flow.

Despite being financially successful, many of ANC pharmacies opened in this time period didn’t realize their potential to the full, as they couldn’t manage abundant customer flow during rush hours. The size of spaces didn’t allow for a sufficient number of cashier desks, and the premises geometry prevented assistants from quickly bringing drugs from the warehouse. These issues led to overcrowding in the pharmacy and complicated personnel’s work. Marketing research showed that mistakes, caused by the personnel’s exhaustion and work overload, made the pharmacy’s rating and, accordingly, its sales decrease. Managers were aware of the waiting lines issue and were actively looking for a solution. The search was over, when we found out about pharmacy automatization services offered by «Elegant-Group».

In 2012, «Elegant-Group» became our partner in equipping the pharmacies with Pharm Bot. We chose 20 stores with best performance, capable of accepting the support of a robot pharmacist. After 2 months of precise planning, first store was ready to install the robot.

We became the first pharmacy network, which introduced a pharmacy dispenser, and this fact has played in our favor. Customers and employees took Pharm Bot’s installation as we expected – with skeptical curiosity. Everybody wanted to see the pharmacy robot and use it. It took time till the robot took hold and started to be actively used. After the adaptation period was passed with flying colors, we realized that Pharm Bot was exactly what we’d been looking for to successfully do our business. The robot has sufficiently accelerated the customer serving procedure. This had in turn relaxed pressure on the staff and solved the initial ques problem. Apart from that the robot has significantly risen the customer satisfaction index. Surprisingly, even elderly people, usually distrustful to innovations, became active and friendly users of the robot.

During the following years, ANC network and its partner «Elegant-Group» have jointly developed and carried out 22 successful projects in automatization of pharmacy sales points. The result wasn’t long in coming. According to statistical data, sales start to increase from the first month after installation, with average increase being 7%. Total average sales increase in ANC across years stores amounts to 35% today, and Net Promoter Score rose by 23% in a year.