«ANC Pharmacy»

«ANC Pharmacy» (Pharmacy of Low Prices) is a large pharmacy brand that holds a strong position in the domestic pharmaceutical market. Today it has 500 pharmacies throughout Ukraine. As the brand developed, there was a problem renting large premises.

Rolling out the Pharm Bot in pharmacies helped to organize the space and set up cash desks so that their layout was convenient for both staff and customers. At first, visitors were skeptical of automated solutions, but today they are happy to make desired purchases using the Pharm Bot; lack of long lines in pharmacies makes them happy!

Benefits of such an upgrade :

pharmacies could manage abundant customer flow at any time;
  • pharmacist can take time for every visitor;
  • it solves the problem of long lines;
  • increasing perfomence of pharmacists;
  • increasing sales of pharmaceutical products.

The automation process began in 2012 and continues to the present days. The Pharm Bot takes on various operations that the pharmacist needs to perform manually before. The distribution of the Pharm Bot and pharmacist responsibilities and allows to serve a large number of visitors quickly. The robot finds out requested product on the shelfs, and pharmacist provides customers with expert advice.

When pharmacies began to use the Pharm Bot, problems of reducing sales, staff work overload, and the formation of long lines resolved by themselves.