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“Elegant-Group” LLC has been working in pharmaceutical business for over then 15 years. During this time, we have developed a pharmacy holding of 200 stores, and set up new standards of service quality in each one of them.

Starting from 2011, “Elegant-Group” has been bringing modern technology to the process of medicine sales. We have set a goal to develop an individual solution, which will give our customers a stable competitive advantage. The affordable and reliable PharmBot has become the result of this work, allowing to automate sales in a pharmacy network. This robot doesn’t simply ensure reliable storage of medicine and medical supplies in pharmacies, but also quickly interacts with customers, helping them to buy what they need without standing in line. At the moment, we have produced and installed over 75 robots in pharmacy chains.

Pharmacy robot PharmBot will speed up the working process and make it more efficient. Bringing together our experience and advanced technologies, “Elegant-Group” company is constantly improving its intellectual solutions. Find out more about how to bring your work to an essentially new efficiency level. Contact us by phone, or leave a call-back request and our specialists will answer all questions you have about the pharmacy robot PharmBot!

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