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    A step forward in pharmaceutical industry

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  • PharmBot

    Automated sales and reliable storage of medicine

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  • PharmBot

    • instant delivery of medicine
    • reduction of waiting lines
    • sales increase
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Modern solution for your pharmacy

PharmBot – a pharmacist, which doesn’t need to rest


PharmBot automates all the running processes of a pharmacy. Helps to achieve efficient management of financial and human resources.

Time saving

The robot delivers required medicine in 8 seconds, which allows to save time on serving each customer, reduce workload during rush hours and increase daily number of consumers.

Sales increase

The robot-pharmacist allows pharmacy assistants to spend more time consulting customers, and thereby increase the average bill amount.


A pharmacy keeps up with the times, as well as its customers. Robot installation attracts a flow of new customers and secures the trust of the old ones.


PharmBot keeps records of sold medicine units during the day, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the merchandising process.


The robot’s simplistic construction minimizes the possibility of breakdowns, while modern software helps to avoid malfunctioning.

We are trusted

Customers are satisfied with the efficiency and quality of PharmBot’s work

«Kopeyka» pharmacy project

«Kopeyka» pharmacy is the first pharmacy in Ukraine, that was specifically designed to work with PharmBot. Having introduced the robot-pharmacist, the pharmacy was able to build a unique system of interaction with customers. No waiting lines, possibility of ordering via a tablet, various payment methods and automated delivery of medicine are the useful innovations, which became possible due to the use of PharmBot.

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«Apteka Nizkih Cen» project

In 2013 this large Ukrainian pharmacy discounter decided to introduce modern technology and sales automation system to its most prominent branches. Today, «Apteka Nizkih Cen» is using over 20 PharmBots, allowing to significantly optimize expenditures of each store, and improve financial performance of the company.

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«Blagodiia» pharmacy project

The “Blagodiia” pharmacy is brand , tested by the time on the pharmacy market. Today more than 40 pharmacies opened under this brand which have a positive competitors experience among Ukrainian pharmacies. The mains secret is contained in a guaranteed quality of the drugs, medicals products, customer service and automation with «PharmBot»!

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Customer feedback

PharmBot is a reliable assistant for everyone

  • Заведующая аптекой

    At first, we took the robot’s introduction with a little caution. It was a huge novelty to us. But in a week’s time both me and other staff have changed our opinion, as we got to appreciate its advantages. Medicine record keeping became much simpler. We have a big flow of people, so at certain hours our pharmacists run off their feet. Now, the work goes much faster, calmer and in a more organized way.

  • Продавец

    PharmBot is not a simple medicine delivering machine! It doesn’t only speeds up the work, but also gets rid of many negative aspects. People and situations can be different, but the robot is always fast in giving out the needed items. I’d like to note, that it is very simple in use, and even the elderly, our most frequent customers, learnt to use it very quickly.

  • Топ-менеджер

    According to the data, received after the robot’s introduction to a few of the network’s pharmacies, customers’ satisfaction level has risen. Sales increased as well. People don’t only like the speed of service, but also the very process of using the robot. Another notable point is the convenience of warehouse and financial record-keeping. PharmBot is in every way a profitable investment!

  • Заведующая аптекой
  • Продавец
  • Топ-менеджер

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